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Why Willis HR?

 We Are Naturally Approachable & Professional

 We Take Every Client Personally

 We Only Offer Our Best OR Nothing At All

 We Give More Than We Take 

Jada Willis, Founder is an accomplished HR professional that is passionate about being an indispensable resource to business owners, employers, and professionals.  The Willis HR Advisory Group is owned and operated by Willis Professional Services. Jada's story has fueled her desire to build a company that focuses on serving others with God leading the way. 

Her business acumen was evident at an early age, as a 6-year-old, dominating the neighborhood with her lemonade stand. She takes a great deal of pride in her slightly-dysfunctional upbringing in a low-income family. Jada believes that how you manage adversity will help or hurt your business and career. She was the only bi-racial kid in a town where the minority population was less than 10%. Jada remembers having to go to the Salvation Army to pick a winter coat in temperatures of -10 degrees. She hopes to represent a positive message, "it doesn't matter where you start, it matters where you finish." Jada is an energetic and influential leader that has come to realize that having knowledgeable, authentic, and positive partners will be the ultimate game-changer for any business.  

The Willis HR Advisory Group was established to bridge the gaps and lessen the business owner burden. We meet clients where they are, and play the role that’s needed most in order to reach their goals. 

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