ALERT! Your Resume May be Screened Out!

Have you ever applied and then didn’t hear back? OR did you receive an auto-populated email several months later? Your RESUME was screened OUT! Mid-size and large companies are looking at cost effective strategies to hire the BEST applicant. The fact is your name didn’t even make it to the hiring manager. I know it can be frustrating but with the current unemployment rate and more people than ever in our history that have received Bachelor degrees – competition is fierce! What can you do?


This is where professional resume writer, such as Jada Willis comes in handy. It’s important that your resume is worded correctly, so that it will not be screened out. I know that you need that interview, that chance to sell yourself and your skill set.


On January 24, 2012, the Wall Street Journal online posted an article, “Your Resume vs. Oblivion.” Lauren Weber states that “One small error, such as listing the name of a former employer after the years worked there, instead of before, can ruin a great candidate's chances.”


Sounds tough, right? If you’re serious about a career change or just want to make sure your resume is READY - my advice is to review this article and then contact me. Don’t get lost in the competition.