Your Professional Service Light is On: Maintenance Required

I was driving recently and a service light came on, saying “maintenance required.”  Life would be so much easier if a service light would flash to instruct us when we needed to update our resume, obtain a new skill, take a different path with our career or even go back to school.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a “maintenance required” light in life, but there are career coaches, resume writers, and HR professionals that can give us the tools to fix our career dilemmas and tune-up our broken down resumes.  Just as you hire a mechanic for your car, you need to hire a Resume Expert and Career Coach to work on your career!

5 People that Need a Tune-up with a Resume Writer

  • Becky’s resume doesn’t seem to be working! She keeps applying but keeps getting turndown emails
  • Ron really wants to apply for a position he’s passionate about and to make more money
  • Chris is trying to switch careers and just doesn’t know how to change his career
  • Brittany has employment gaps andseveral jobs in a short amount of time
  • Tyler is frustrated because he simply doesn’t know how to update his resume and frankly does not havetime

The 5 people mentioned are talented individuals that have a professional service light that is flashing. Who do you most relate to?

If you’re service light is on, I urge you to take care of your career by getting professional services from a Resume Expert.