Mid-Year Review Blues

It’s that time again, mid year reviews! Can you believe it? We are half way through 2016! Tell me this…where are you in comparison to the vision board or your goal board that you created at the beginning of the year? Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not too late. So, let’s look in the mirror, recap the first half of the year, then create a game plan for the last half.


Find a quiet space, get into a non-judgment headspace and complete the following:


1.         Grab 2 sheets of paper - label one as personal accomplishments and the other as professional accomplishments

2.         Take the time to seriously reflect on projects, assignments, new experiences, relationships, and goals from January 1st until now

3.         Compared to your vision for this year - what stacks up? How have you done - really?

4.         Give yourself credit for all the good you’ve done and the work you put in


Remember the year isn’t over yet!! Finish the year strong by doing this:


1.         Write out specific and realistic goals for the remainder of the year

2.         Identify what habits or attitudes you need to change in order to reach those goals

3.         Set a date! Assign a timeline that makes sense and even pushes you a little!

4.         Make the necessary steps to reach your goals

5.         Re-evaluate weekly and schedule a meeting with yourself to reflect/revise