3 Ways Business Owners Can be Better in 2017

Every business owner is being bombarded with the same headlines, “Are You Ready for 2017?” or “Is Your Business in Shape for the New Year?” It can be daunting to feel the pressure of a new year and so many alleged action items, meanwhile you are still in 2016.

 It takes a willingness to start working on the little things that may have slipped through the cracks. The things that may never get attention as the previous year has flown by.  

Here are 3 tips that fellow business owners say are making a difference TODAY and will improve their business and themselves for the remainder of 2017,


1.         Clean out your calendar’s closet. Create a list of all of the professional and social organizations that you and your business have joined or committed to. All of the clubs, groups, organizations, and affiliations can add up quickly! Your time should be spent with activities that are serving multi-purpose and taking you one step closer to your personal or professional goals. Identify the WHY of each organization and if it’s not adding value then save the membership fees for a night out! (or be responsible and save it…)

 2.         Start enjoying the perks. Almost every local or national membership includes perks upon joining. There may be a variety of member benefits, such as, special travel rates, free virtual assistance hours, or even a free consultation with a career coach. During the holidays, most professionals attend fundraisers or charitable events and receive a benefit based on their contribution or attendance. By the end of the night, it’s lost or long forgotten. It’s great to give (keep doing that), but stop neglecting the free bottle of wine or even the silent auction you may have bid on at the beginning of the night! By ignoring the perks, you are actually doing more harm than good. You could have just created more work for the coordinator or impacted the report identifying that members are unhappy or unfamiliar with membership benefits. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, enjoy the perks!

3.         Create a simple plan for the 3 P’s. Strategic planning is important to the success and sustainability of any business. Some business owners revisit their strategic plan quarterly while others review it monthly. Do what’s right for your business but ensure that the 3 P’s are covered, Purpose, People and Profit.  Know why you are in business and what you are ultimately working towards. Is the business internally and externally fulfilling the mission? What goals do you have for yourself and your team? Will you be hiring? Does my product or service need to changed to increase sales? It’s okay to talk to yourself, as long as it helps create your plan.


The truth is every human being has the goal of being better than they were the year before. We do not have to wait for a new year to roll around to start taking small steps in the right direction today. Don’t give up on December, use this time to invest in improving yourself, your family, and your business.