Do you need a Career Coach?

People from all walks of life could benefit from a Career Coach; at any stage of our life we need direction and guidance. It only makes sense to connect with Human Resources professionals who've helped thousands of people navigate through various employment, life, and academic difficulties.  

If you fit into in any of the following categories, then it’s time for a Career Coach:

  • Feeling “stuck”
  • Looking to make a career change
  • Dealing with a difficult boss, co-workers, or workplace environment
  • Re-entering the workforce
  • Exiting the workforce
  • Selecting a degree program, occupation or career
  • Lacking overall direction before, during, or after attending school

Career Coaching Sessions - Virtual or In person: (Starting at $125/hours.)

(Each Session is One Hour in Length)

    Career Specific Guidance via phone, text, email, video conference
    Complete online personality and career assessment
    Positive Actions Assignment

Group & Event Career Workshops: (Starting at $325 for 2 hours.)

*Price may vary by audience size