You got the call for the interview --NOW what?

You have to practice for any sport, and interviewing can be a rough game if you are not prepared.  Let WillisPS help you with understanding what interviewers are looking for, what questions will be asked, why they'll be asked, and how you can "WOW" potential employers on the spot.  

When you schedule your mock interview with WillisPS, you'll receive instant feedback on your performance via phone or in person. Let an HR professional guide you to give relevant, specific, and powerful answers that show your value --get the practice you need before game day!

Mock Interviewing & Job Preparation Sessions : (Starting at $125/hour.)

(Each Session is One Hour in Length)     
  • HR/Interviewing Specialist will facilitate phone and/or in person interview
  • Background questions and behavioral based interviewing, unless otherwise noted
  • Specific feedback and re-positioning of interviewee answers
  • Best of all we answer the most asked question: What are those hiring managers really looking for?
  • 2 Services are a recommended minimum for best results