"...a key element of my team improving our performance and achieving our targets."

"One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a leader is wrestling with the day to day challenges of running a business, leading employees, and achieving business targets, while also ensuring I have a clear vision and strategy to achieve key business targets. As a leader, sometimes it’s been incredibly difficult for me to lift my head up from the day to day madness of running my business to validate if what I’m doing every day is moving my business closer to my goals. However, my strategy conversations and brainstorming sessions with Jada helped me step outside the daily whirlwind, take a breath, and see my business with greater clarity. Sometimes our conversations led to new ideas and other times they reaffirmed my initial thoughts, all of which, lead to me affirming or altering my daily actions or those of my team to ensure they were truly contributing to the achievement of key business targets. Jadas insight and expertise were a key element of my team improving our performance and achieving our targets."
— Tony May, Director, Strategic Partner Channel at Verizon Wireless


"Jada feels more like family than an HR Partner."

We wasted valuable time and energy trying to handle the hiring process on our own. It was like driving in the dark with no headlights…it just didn’t work! Jada made the process seamless, professional, and enjoyable! Jada was always available to handle any question we had and offered valuable recommendations for situations that could possibly arise, making us proactive instead of reactive. We now use the Willis HR Advisory Group for our HR needs. Jada feels more like family than an HR Partner.  She has been consistent resource for our team!
- Rebekah Gawinski , Office Manager, HealthSource of Columbia



"Jada, thank you for saving our company!!"

Without the help of Jada Willis, my partner and I would not have been able to agree on the direction our organization was going to take moving forward. The Willis HR Advisory Group was initially asked to assess the overall health of the organization, Specifically: Organizational Effectiveness, HR Practices and Policies, & Financial management. Jada’s perspicacity and detailed assessment allowed her to quickly provide the organizations strengths and areas of opportunity. Jada helped my business partner and I finally listen to each other and agree on a plan of action that aligned with the core mission and values of the organization. Since implementing the plan that Jada helped to develop, the feedback from our staff and students alike has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again, we couldn’t have done it without Jada Willis. We ALL look forward to your next visit!
– Jaheen Bell – Co-Owner, American Barber Academy  



A Professional Experience!...”

"Willis Professional Services is by far the best ! I have been fortunate enough to utilize their services for a revamped resume, professional portfolio, and career coaching. I was very impressed with the personal, timely, and professional attention that Jada Willis and her staff provided. I have used other companies in the past and no one comes close! If you are looking to springboard your career above the rest, I would highly recommend you give them a call today. You will not be disappointed!"
- Darrell, Resume Creation, Professional Portfolio, & Career Coaching



“...truly cares about her clients.”

"Jada is a true professional, and truly cares about her clients. She is thorough and ensures the end product is exactly what is requested. She provides feedback and tips, and treats the product as if it were her own. Thanks Jada for all your work!"
Elizabeth, Resume Revamp & Cover Letter



“Jada is the consummate professional...

"Jada is the consummate professional. From our initial interview to the completed resume Jada’s concern for her client is evident. I will recommend her to my friends."
— Scott, Resume Creation & Career Coaching

"...genuine desire to see others succeed"

"I've had the distinct privilege to call Jada my professional colleague for nine years. Jada has always given her undivided attention to her clients with the unique and individual guidance they required. What I admire and respect the most from Jada, is her genuine desire to see others succeed, both personally and professionally."
— Frank Sanchez, Group Market Leader - Apple


"She has become more than an HR Partner, she is a teammate, trusted advisor, and a confidant. "

When I think of the time spent working with Jada Willis, I think about the constant support she provided and how she created a path to success. She has become more than an HR Partner, she is a teammate, trusted advisor, and a confidant. Jada is a true partner that is only concerned with you, your business, and how to make all parties involved successful. What she has provided has been invaluable. I started with letting her know, I needed help but I didn’t know what that even looked like. What started with a couple hours of Business Consulting has evolved into months of additional benefits for my team and I. Jada has dedicated hours in helping us with strategic planning, training, HR consulting, hiring a new employee, and even team-building. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her. Jada can identify the problems and establish solutions in such a non-invasive way. I actually get excited to meet with my HR! The whole dynamic of my team has totally changed and I owe that to Jada Willis. Get ready for some awesome! 
- David Terrell : Owner, Golden Gate Mortgage


"I almost lost my mind and then I reached out to the Willis HR Advisory Group."

 During my first of couple years in business, I was very unsuccessful in finding the right employees to work with me. More recently, the administrative duties started slipping. I just couldn’t handle the workload, run the daily operations of my company, and spend time trying to find solid Office Manager.  I almost lost my mind and then I reached out to the Willis HR Advisory Group. I met with Jada and I shared my pressing timeline and budget. Within a week, Jada compiled hundreds of resumes, filtered down to 10, and scheduled the interviews. She even developed an interview guide specifically for my position! I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to come close to putting together the qualified applicants that Jada did within 2 weeks. I think I am most impressed that she was available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and actually learned more about the recruitment process. Once we selected the best candidate, Jada created an on-boarding process and training calendar.
Jada catered to my tight schedule and helped produce a high-performing, quality employee. This experience has educated me on the fundamentals of hiring and HR, I have the good sense to call the Willis HR Advisory Group for my next job opening.  Any business owner who does not have the time or the know-how to successfully execute the HR functions for their company, needs to contact Jada!” 
– Wright Brennan – Owner, Seawright Solutions


“New and Improved Resume!...”

"Willis Professional Services is HEAVEN SENT! I was in desperate need to revamp my resume because I was transitioning out of my job. Luckily my transition was short lived because I was offered a job shortly after having a NEW AND IMPROVED RESUME. Companies couldn’t get enough of me! Jada is extremely professional, understanding and thorough, she seeks to enhance your resume to give it the character that not only defines you, but jumps out at employers. I had the confidence that my resume was going to be detailed with my skills and abilities. I will definitely be using Willis Professional Services again when transitioning into other opportunities within my career field! Great company that I refer everyone I know to them!"
— Ashley, Resume Creation & Cover Letter



“...your company is well worth it!”

"I asked Willis Professional Services to assist my husband and I in updating our resumes. It wasn’t until I talked to her that I realized the importance of selling your skill set and appealing to multiple markets in written form. She made me feel very comfortable during the process and even gave me insight into possible career paths based on my work history and personality.Thank you Jada- your company is well worth it!"
Natalie, Resume Creation, Executive Coaching, Interview Prep


Helped my job search in so many ways...”

"Willis Professional Services has helped my job search in so many ways. From resume creation to interview preparation, my experience was tailored to my needs. The whole process was very thorough resulting in a resume that made me look better than I could ever imagine. I also strongly recommend the interview preparation session.The first interview I had resulted in a job offer and I owe that to the excellent guidance of Willis Professional Services!"

Travis, Resume Creation, Cover Letter, Interviewing Prep

“...Key to getting me out of a 3 year job-search rut. ”

"Willis Professional Services was the key to getting me out of a 3 year job-search rut. With the help of Jada and her staff, I was able to land not one, but two new jobs within a matter of weeks! While I knew I had the skills and ability to be at the top of my field, Willis-PS was able to make that visible on my resume in ways that I was unable to articulate on my own. Thank You!"

 Melissa, Resume Revamp & Cover Letter


"..was very impressed with the personalized, timely, and professional attention."

"Willis Professional Services is by far the best! I have been fortunate enough to utilize their professional services. I received an outstanding resume and the creation of a dynamic Professional Career Portfolio. I was very impressed with the personalized, timely, and professional attention that Jada Willis and her staff provided. I have used other Career Building firms in the past and none can come near the professionalism and attention you will receive with Willis Professional Services. If you are looking to spring board your career above the rest, I would highly recommend Willis-PS!"

Darrell, Executive Resume & Professional Portfolio



What awesome work! They are amazing!

"Just received my resume and cover letter from Willis Professional Services. What awesome work! They are amazing! Here’s the thing to know, I am currently not needing a new job, but the comfort of knowing if for any reason that changes, I now have the tools to find a better job than what I have now. Security is priceless. What I have now is knowledge that I can provide for my family. Thank you Jada Willis and Christian Ray!"

— Brandon, Resume Creation

Wait...there's more!


“Her input and guidance have been invaluable...

"As a visionary, I’ve spent countless hours dreaming of what it would look like to start a nonprofit to serve underprivileged youth. I didn’t dream about business plans, budgets or strategic planning. That’s where Jada Willis came in. Her input and guidance has been invaluable in laying a foundation for my organization. She’s given me strategies and tools that have legitimized Seeds in ways I couldn’t have done on my own. While I didn’t dream of business plans and budgets...they’ve played a huge role in helping my dreams come true. You’d be lucky to have her on your team!"

— Zakiya, HR Consulting & Business Coaching



“...was incredibly thorough and accommodating

"Jada was incredibly thorough and accommodating while I worked with her on revamping my resume. She delivers a high quality and timely product that’s sure to optimize high visibility, no matter what your current or desired field may be. Thanks for your help, Jada!"

— Chris R., Resume Revamp & Cover Letter



Time to go get my dream job!

"Amazing experience! Couldn’t be any nicer or more informed. She really got to know me and tailored the resume to fit me perfectly. Can’t say thank her enough. Will be recommending her services to my friends. Time to go get my dream job!!"

— Thomas, Resume Creation & Cover Letter



“...quickly got 2 interviews.

"I worked in Technical Support for 14 years before realizing that I had a passion for Business Intelligence (BI) in 2012. After completing 28 weeks of online training and 2 certifications, I started looking for a job in the BI field. Without a lot of experience on my resume, I knew it would be difficult to even get an interview. I decided to give Jada Willis a chance. After a phone conversation and an email, Jada presented me with a new resume which accented aspects of my current role that involved BI responsibilities. Armed with the new resume, I quickly got 2 interviews. Once again, I consulted Jada for Interview Preparation. A few weeks (and 3 interviews) later I got an offer from one of the companies. Jada gave me the knowledge and confidence to properly prepare and excel in all of my interviews. It is very difficult to change career paths but if you have the desire to do that, please contact Jada and she will help you. I am very pleased with Jada’s work. She gets results!"

— Chris, Mock Interviewing, Career Coaching, Resume Revamp & Cover Letter



I cannot praise Jada Willis enough...

"I cannot praise Jada Willis enough for her assistance in developing and polishing my resume from scratch. With a little information obtained from a phone consultation and email exchange, Jada could articulate my job duties and professional experience in a way that clearly portrayed my capabilities. She not only focuses on content, but also visual appeal of the ?first glance? quality of resumes. Willis Professional Services is an awesome resume writing and interview preparation service!"

— Katie, Resume Creation & Career Coaching



“You will not be disappointed...

"With the current challenges in the employment market, it is vital to not only to look good on paper, but to have all of the necessary tools to maximize every opportunity. Willis Professional Services not only provided me with a resume and cover letter, but the coaching and advice I needed to stand out from the crowed. I knew Jada was always just a phone call away, and her expertise, caring, and unsurpassed knowledge shines as she personally walks you through some of the most important decisions you will ever make. I highly recommend Willis Professional Services for all of your career coaching needs. You will not be disappointed!"

— Stephanie, Resume Revamp & Career Coaching



As a recent graduate I faced many obstacles...

"I highly recommend Willis Professional Services. As a recent graduate I faced many obstacles due to my overall inexperience in the job market. I found out about Willis Professional Services through a mutual friend and contacted Jada about looking over my resume. She thoroughly reviewed and modified it, explaining all of her changes along the way. In the end, my resume looked and felt one hundred times more professional. I have recently submitted this resume to a company and now have an interview coming up in a few days. I could not be more satisfied. If you have a problem, deadline, or other complication Jada will go at all lengths to make it possible. Contact her, I promise you won’t regret it!"

— Shane, Resume Revamp



“...have recommended Willis Professional Services on several occasions and my referrals have not been disappointed.

"I am writing to commend the services of Jada Willis and Willis Professional Services. I have used Willis Professional Services to assist in writing my story line for the past three years, and have always been very pleased with the services offered. Jada’s turnaround is fast and she is very efficient, always asking questions and trying to understand what I want to accomplish. Her services are top-notch, and have always been very pleased with the finished product. She is always in constant communication and providing updates. I have used other services in the past but when a colleague recommended Jada, I thought she would be like the rest in her field but she has definitely proven me wrong. I have recommended Willis Professional Services on several occasions and my referrals have not been disappointed."

— Rochelle, Resume Creation & Interviewing Prep