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The talent market is fierce and Willis HR doesn’t see that changing any time soon. Candidates have more opportunities than they know what to do with. The perceived lack of talent can cause employers to make hasty hiring decisions. Don’t do it! Below are 3 Ways to Hire Smarter in 2019,

If you want to shorten your average time to hire in 2019 while still maintaining an amazingly qualified pool of job candidates, follow these top hiring tips:

  1. Get It Together – Know Your Recruiting Strategy

Based on a recruiting benchmark report issued this year by Jobvite, a recruiting software company, the average time to hire for most employers is 38-68 days, and this varies by company size and industry. If you have the details of your recruiting strategy mapped out, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to hire.

Evaluate all aspects of your hiring process and determine what areas could benefit from a revamp:

  • Recruiting efforts – websites, social media pages, recruiting partners– How do you find candidates?
  • Resume submission process– who reviews and do they have an understanding of the position?
  • Interview steps– how many interviews will be conducted? Do your interview questions match the position?
  • Job acceptance & onboarding process– do you have a job offer template ready to go? What do the first 30 days look like for the new hire?

Our team of Recruiters recommend that you meet with your hiring team before any interviews are scheduled. The “hiring team” typically consist of HR, hiring manager, and another decision-maker. Whoever is involved in the decision-making process should be at the hiring meeting to fully know and commit to the game plan.

  1. Always Be Recruiting

Whether you are a leader in the company or HR, it’s everyone’s job to keep an eye out for great candidates. Even if you do not have an open position, there is always time to meet with a potential candidate. One of our clients at Willis HR knew they wanted to hire in 6 months, but they were not quite ready. Our team met an AMAZING candidate, kept in touch, and the candidate was hired four months later.

Employer branding is another form of passive recruiting. Be sure that your team’s LinkedIn profiles are updated and serve as a representation of the company values. The company social media pages should be active and focused around employees. Candidates are doing their research, stay ready for your next candidate.

  1. Hire Based on Company Goals

 What does that mean? If the direction of the company is to add a new product line or service within the next year, wouldn’t it be great to hire a candidate that has relevant experience? We always recommend that you hire based on tomorrow. You want a candidate that can grow with the company and offer a fresh perspective now and in the future. It’s the best to find a candidate with what’s called a “back pocket” skill set. Their experience and expertise will prove useful if given the opportunity.

You are only as good as the team you hire. Contact Willis HR today for a free consultation. Happy Hiring in 2019!

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