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So you have made it this far, but how do you keep going? Below are 4 (of the many) habits of good leaders that help them grow and succeed both professionally and personally.

    1. Face your fears and do it anyway
      The unknown can be a scary place. Staying within the status quo feels safer and more comfortable than taking a step out. Successful leaders make it a habit to not only break outside of the status quo but to change it altogether. They know that growth and greatness can only come from stepping outside of their comfort zone and into something bold and unfamiliar. The fear of taking on the unknown with no certainty of what the future will hold can potentially hold you back on both a professional and a personal level. Go out of your own way, take calculated risks, and learn lessons along the way.
    2. Read daily
      Just a few of the many benefits of reading:
      Improves mental clarity
      Activates your reasoning skills
      Reduces stress
      Improves your ability to concentrate
      Increases writing skills
      Grows vocabulary
      Improves memory
      IT IS FREE! Free entertainment! – Free knowledge! – Free mental getaway! Being a successful leader means you are always learning, researching, and changing daily in order to keep up with today’s fast-paced society. They understand the importance of continuously growing their minds and reading is the foundation for it.
    3. Make health a priority
      There are many factors of health; physical, mental, emotional and for many, spiritual. The foundation of health is your physical health. If you are not physically well you cannot expect to function at the level you desire. Building upon your foundation is your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Caring for these is made a lot easier once your physical health is taken care of. Successful leaders suggest making a habit of getting enough sleep, eating a balanced and consistent diet, staying active, and assessing your health areas on a regular basis to keep your foundation and structure strong.
    4. Keep your goals in front of you
      Many leaders now practice writing their goals down and then re-writing them or reading them aloud once every day. This practice keeps your goals in front of you and though it seems like such a simple practice, it is highly effective. It is easy to lose sight of what you are aiming for when so many gears in your life are turning all at once. Therefore, meditating on your goals allows you to keep your aim and accomplish more both short-term and long-term.

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