The future of your business is dependent on your hiring process. By developing and implementing a structured hiring process, you are positioning your business for success. A comprehensive hiring process will not only streamline how you find and qualify candidates but will also be cost effective.

Align process with brand values.
Core values bring life to your brand and define what your organization is all about. For existing employees, it can help keep you and your team members working consistently with one another. For new and prospective employees, it’s an indication of whether they fit with your corporate culture.

Move quickly and efficiently.
It is important to act quickly when finding specific candidates. Research has shown that the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. If your process takes longer, you risk losing the very candidates you need within your company.

Structure your interviews.
Adding structure to your interviews is as easy as preparing your questions beforehand and tying them to the job requirements. It is also a good idea to use the same questions and scale for each candidate.

Boost your candidate sourcing.
Using social media platforms to source candidates is becoming more and more popular. Different platforms will allow you to look for people with interest and/or expertise relevant to the positions you are hiring for. Attending industry-specific events may also help you network with local professionals.

Don’t leave people in the dark.
Failure to follow up or keep job candidates posted on progress is a common complaint amongst job-seekers. Assuring candidate follow-up is a part of your process is vital to staying on candidates’ radars. Proper communication is a key element and could be the deciding factor for a candidate if they are presented with multiple offers.

Even with a strong hiring process, you may still face an array of challenges hiring the right people. If you find yourself in this situation, contact Willis HR at 803-714-3715. With our experienced team and extensive resources, we effectively fulfill openings, save your business time, money and resources as well as posing it for long-term success.

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