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It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a great work environment. From leadership to the newest employee, you have a responsibility to foster a positive environment. What can you do to make your workplace better? It’s simple. Get started today on random acts of kindness (RAK) and see what a difference a small gesture makes.

1. Bring a co-worker a coffee or drink that they typically have in hand daily
2. Send your supervisor an email giving a shout-out about a co-worker
3. Go out of your way to compliment someone you see
4. If you are going out for lunch, offer to pick something up for a co-worker or team
5. Tell your boss that you appreciate their leadership
6. Leave an inspirational sticky note in a common place, “You got this!” or on a co-workers desk that may really need to hear it
7. Do the dishes in the breakroom

Kindness is contagious! Once you give a little, wait for the positive vibes to flow. It’s a great week to start with RAK and continue to make it a top of mind habit.

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