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Willis HR’s CEO, Jada Willis, moderates United Way of the Midlands Virtual Caffeinated Conversation with tech gurus Zach Minton of K2Tech and Mark Cox of VC3.
The COVID-19 pandemic has put countries on lock down, closed schools and prompted business leaders everywhere to tell employees to take their laptops/desktops home as we all suddenly transform into remote entities. If you or your organization happen to be considered ‘non-essential’, chances are you have joined what Time Magazine refers to as “the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment,” but without the preparation other companies have had. If your company is one of them – or you think it will be – this Caffeinated Conversations is for you. We will be focusing our attention on making sure your new environments are technically secure, some do’s and don’ts for data security and we will be fielding your questions as it pertains to your business.