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Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are some of the biggest events of the year. Some companies keep celebrations small and during work hours while others opt for an after-hours get together so employees can let loose a little and connect with each other outside of their everyday work environment. Here are a few tips to keep things fun and protect your business:

1. Keep attire work-appropriate. Encourage your employees to dress up their everyday outfits; maybe a fun holiday blazer, makeup, or silly shoes. Setting a dress code beforehand is important in keeping a balance between professional and fun.

2. If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, consider a drink voucher system to limit the number of drinks served. (Pro-tip: Hire a professional bartender, they are trained to recognize signs of intoxication and will limit consumption by those in attendance.)

3. Advise your employees to be responsible. Include a statement on the party invitation and/or circulate a written memo on the responsibilities to drink in moderation and to avoid driving after drinking.

4. Both employees and employers should be careful that gifts, gag gifts, and party favors remain work appropriate.

5. Emphasize to management that they must lead by example.

Laying out clear expectations of your employees is a top priority in all organizations. Dress codes and holiday policies/procedures are no different. The holidays are just around the corner, do your employees know what to expect? Do you have clear guidelines set in place for them? Need help getting everything set up? Call us today to see how we can help your holiday fun stay professional. Contact us today!

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