We are your HR department

Find relief in your business by outsourcing Human Resources. What does that really mean?
First, our team will conduct an assessment to determine your needs and evaluate any potential risks you may be facing. Willis HR has the ability to conduct a process and culture analysis. Besides ensuring legal compliance, your HR Consultant will be your resource for any questions or concerns.

Our niche? Solving People Problems

How We Solve People Problems

We Find & Hire Leaders

We aren't here to brag but our Recruiters are really good at finding unicorns. Our Unicorn Hunters will interview you before we interview any candidate, quickly create an ideal candidate profile and hit the ground running.

Our clients have trusted us with hiring the most business impacting roles:

CEO & C-Suite Executives
Director of Operation
General Manager
Director of HR
Director of Sales
Chief of Staff
HR Manager
Executive Assistant
Office Manager

Before you ever interview a candidate, they have progressed through our 4-step vetting process and have been identified as a qualified candidate.

Why Choose Us?

We Make HR Look Easy

Our HR consulting has been known to reduce employee turnover, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement. We love watching what can happen when you get the right team in place, implement the right policies, and build a mission-driven culture. Our team can assist with building your HR infrastructure, supporting on-site HR, or building a strategic HR plan that grows with you.


Training & Keynote Speaking

Our sessions are known to be high energy, informative, and practical. You can request the CEO or one of our experienced HR professionals for group sizes ranging from 5 participants to 5,000.

Upcoming & Requested Topics:

-How to Hire & Retain in the 2020 Workplace
-HR Bootcamp: Are you ready for 2020?
-Costly HR Mistakes that are Ruining Your Business
-I Don't Know What I Don't Know: HR Crash Course for Leadership
-Navigating Crucial Conversations
-How to Handle Problem Employees

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