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David Horning joins Jada Willis, CEO of Willis HR in this special episode!

Combining 8 years of comedy and a passion for positive psychology, David Horning is on a mission to transform workplace culture as a keynote speaker and humor consultant. For over 6 years, he has entertained and inspired audiences to use humor as a tool to adapt to change, relieve stress, and spark creative collaboration across the country, including for Wyndham Hotels, ShurTech Brands, and DisruptHR with presentations that turn traditional leadership on its head. He is the founder of Water Cooler Comedy, a company offering corporate comedy shows, training programs, and leadership consulting.

In addition to speaking, David continues to perform stand-up, has been featured in comedy festivals, hosts a podcast called “You Can’t Laugh At That” to prove that anything can be funny, and regularly appears on leadership, HR, and comedy podcasts.

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