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If you speak to any Recruiter, they will have their fair share of unbelievable interview stores. We understand that interviewing can be stressful and unfortunately, it can go painfully wrong for some candidates. Willis HR recruiting team has compiled 3 of the oddest interviews that we have had the pleasure to be a part of. The names and specifics have been removed to protect the innocent.

The Nervous Pee’er

While conducting a behavioral-based interview for an entry-level position, the interviewer noticed that the candidate had tears running down their face. The interviewer asked if everything was okay. The candidate said, “I peed in the chair.” The candidate was so nervous that she urinated on herself. Our HR team ended the interview and assisted with clean-up.

The Chatty Toucher

During an interview for a Sales Manager position, the interviewer asked one of the standard questions, “Tell me about yourself?” After the candidate discussed their career history, they shared that they were divorced and hadn’t been hugged or kissed in 2 years. And, somewhat jokingly said, “except my mom hugs me.” The candidate then asked the interviewer for a hug and a date. The interviewer decided to end the interview in record time.

The Interview Buddy

As the interviewer walked to the waiting area, she introduced herself to the first candidate and then asked the name of the other individual in the waiting room. The individual responded, “Oh, I am not here for the interview, I am here for my son.” She pointed to the candidate that had an interview for a Finance Manager position in 5 minutes. The interviewer invited the candidate back to one of the conference rooms, the endearing mother started following as well. The interviewer said, “Unfortunately, I will just need Bob for this part.” Bob turns around and scolded his mom, “I told you to stay in the car, Mom!” The interviewer invited her to wait in the lobby and enjoy the snacks.

The bad news is that each scenario is true. The good news is that trained HR professionals and Recruiters understand the appropriate ways to handle unique pre-employment situations. While these situations created some chuckles, we also had to think through the legal implications of our responses. It doesn’t have to be scary, Willis HR is here for you!

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