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It’s no secret that it’s a job-seekers market. According to Labor Department data, 3.6 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs last May, due to having confidence in the ability to find better employment. Wouldn’t it be nice if the quality candidates knocked on your door? In order to remain competitive and appealing to prospective new hires, company perks and culture can set you apart.

Don’t be shy about what perks and benefits are offered to employees. A small gesture could mean everything to the right candidate. Here are a few perks that you may want to consider:

  • Paid membership to yoga, meditation, or a fitness facility (you can also bring an instructor onsite)
  • Reimbursement for Amazon Prime Membership, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Uber accounts for employees or reimbursement of Uber rides
  • Discounts on meal prep services
  • Chiropractic Care (pay for 1-2 visits per month)
  • Tickets to local sporting events or the zoo
  • Small business health, dental, vision insurance
  • Flexible scheduling or work hours (4 days working 10 hours with a day off during the week)

First, find out how your time likes to be rewarded. Then, you can even design a Perk Plan that makes sense with your business, mission, and team. Research shows that competitive perks can be enough to sway candidates from higher-paying jobs. Our team of creative HR professionals can assist, call us at 803-714-3715 to discuss how we can help.

Protect your business and save time with these documents!

  • Authorization for Release of Medical Information

  • Direct Deposit Revocation

  • Quick Reference Guide to Core Values

  • Career Mapping Plan