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It seems like Halloween was yesterday and now Thanksgiving is already upon us. You want to show your employees you care but as the days blur together it can be easy to lose track of time. Here are a few ideas to keep things time friendly and affordable.

Thank you cards

This, of course, depends on the size of your company and how much time you can put in, but a handwritten thank you card is a personal yet simple gift that everyone appreciates. It tells them you took the time out of your incredibly busy schedule to consider what they do for the company and to show your appreciation.

Award for being themselves

Have some fun and show recognition for individuality. From “Always Best Dressed” to “Ever the Early One”, showing off your employees and their, sometimes quirky, talents and strengths is a great way to let everyone know you appreciate them for who they are.

Put it in writing

Have someone who goes above and beyond? Validating their hard work by putting it in writing and in their permanent file can sometimes be all the appreciation they need.

Give a shout out

Do you have a company email that goes out with updates, job openings, etc.? Start giving a shout out to those who are shining that week/month! Highlight their achievements and why the company appreciates all they do.

Boss for a day

You can really spice things up by switching it up! Live a day in their shoes and they a day in yours. This can create a better level of mutual respect and appreciation. Not all companies have this capability, but if you do you may be happily surprised at how everyone feels at the end of the day.

There are hundreds of ways to show appreciation without breaking the bank or your back. Want to show appreciation but also wondering what is “HR-approved”? We can help with that too! Willis HR solves your people problems by providing the best in HR Consulting and Recruiting. Contact us today at 803-714-3715 or [email protected].

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