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The summer is the best time to shine…at work. If your colleagues are not taking time off, then they could be a part of the 1 in 3 that are experiencing the summer slump according to the Society of Human Resource Management. What do you see around you, besides empty chairs? You should see opportunity. Employees at all levels need to take advantage of what’s been handed to them. Looking for a time to prove yourself? Here are 3 Things that real go-getters do during the summer.

1) Ask your boss, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

A simple question will go a long way, especially if your team is understaffed. It will show your supervisor that you are interested in doing more and helping alleviate their specific workload.

2) Lead or take part in a fun employee event.

Besides the fact that everyone needs a little fun at work, this is a good time to assist the company with morale-boosting. Show you’re a leader of the pack that is actively joining in on a company promoted event. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be in the pictures!

3) Be beyond accessible.

A quality that is hard to find is dependability. Don’t just say you are dependable, prove it. Sometimes the easiest way to make your presence known is to just show up every day.

It doesn’t have to stop there, be the game-changer that shares your idea or goes above and beyond for a customer. Make your presence known and felt during a time when others are missing out.
This doesn’t mean you can never take time off. Sure, plan your vacation, but let the days of summer be significantly impactful. HR and senior executives are looking at attendance rates, working on strategic planning, and heading into a heavy decision-making time. Stay top of mind!

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