Are you the person that is always having a “crazy” day? You could also be reading this for a “friend.” Either way, with countless tools and tips on accomplishing more in less time, we all could use some advice to harness our runaway schedule. At the very least, let’s actively work towards not feeling manic 24/7.

  1. Do an email detox

You may not realize how much time you’re wasting just scrolling or deleting generic emails. You may even leave in your inbox to go back to later. All of those milliseconds add up. Schedule a time to unsubscribe or better yet, have a virtual assistance clean up your inbox. Feels like a refreshing mental workout.

  1. Stop working on stuff that isn’t on your to-do list

Why do we do this? You write out your list and then start working on something totally unrelated. Take the time to identify 3-5 red hot action items for the day. If the task isn’t related to one of those items, then ask yourself why you are doing it and can wait until tomorrow? Otherwise, you don’t have a complete to-do list and need to rework the list.

  1. Sounds cheesy but take a 10-15-minute break

Like or not, you’re not a machine. Your brain isn’t built to run for hours on end. Your productivity level will dramatically increase when you learn to step back for a few minutes. If you are afraid you’ll never return to your actual work, time yourself. But, for that 15-minutes do whatever it is that refreshes you, use a different part of the brain or body. Some folks like to take a quick walk, close their eyes and breathe, or read their favorite book. The most daring actually take power naps.

Time-management is more about finding a routine that fits your style. The morning and evening routine will help anyone feel like they have a handle on the day. Life can run smoother when we take the time to plan ahead and follow-through with a realistic game plan. Go forth and conquer!

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