We are unlike any other recruiting firm

Our innovative recruiting process is customized to your unique business. Our clients are business owners, CEO’s, HR Managers, and senior leaders that want to hire talented professionals that will fit company culture and grow with the company.

Why Our Services Rock

(There is a method to our madness)

We get to know you

We interview you before we interview any candidate. Our team quickly creates an ideal candidate profile and becomes your personal recruiter. We’re not the team that will “post and pray.” We are the team that will serve as your headhunter and connect with talented candidates.

Before you ever interview a candidate, they have passed our phone screening, in-person interview, and have been identified as a match based on the ideal candidate profile. You only interview high caliber professionals.

Why Choose Us?

We Scale for You

We have flat rate and percentage based packages that are customized to your business and your budget

All packages include a background and drug screening for every individual hired and a 90-day guarantee!

Great new employees should turn into great tenured employees. As HR professionals, we designed a toolkit that you can access at any time to increase employee morale, decrease employee turnover, maintain compliance, and provide the HR infrastructure.


The Build-A-HR Toolkit

If have 1 – 20 employees, you NEED help from HR professionals that understand small businesses. Build-A- HR Toolkit allows you to have access to what you need most right now for only $97/monthly*

Build-A-HR Toolkit is designed specifically for small business owners. Secret: Some of our subscribers are also HR professionals!

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