HR for small businesses is an absolute necessity. To help prevent HR compliance violations small businesses should create a company-specific Employee Handbook.

The Employee Handbook is a great introduction to the company, it’s core values, and the overall purpose of the organization. But, this tool can have a significant impact on employees and the company.

1. Get in Compliance. The contents of the handbook are dictated by the state the business operates in, where the employees are working, and how many employees you have. A couple of must-have’s for every handbook are the Harassment/Sexual Harassment policy, Non-Discrimination policy, pay frequency and pay schedule.

2. Consistent Policies for Every Employee. Build a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and consistently. That starts with establishing the appropriate professional conduct guidelines and disciplinary process. Every employee will be able to access the handbook that details workplace expectations.

3. Hiring a New Employee. It’s exciting and nerve-racking to hire a new employee. An Employee Handbook makes the on-boarding process less painful. This guide will answer many of the employee’s questions and reduce the employee’s anxiety on what to expect.

4. Culture Starts Here. Every section contributes to the company culture. It can vary greatly between organizations. Your organization may allow remote work whereas other organizations have a strict attendance policy. The team you are building will start with this document. Ensure it fits your vision. Ensure it matches the company goals. Ensure it places importance on the right aspects of the company.

When used appropriately, an Employee Handbook can save time, money, and headaches. By having the right infrastructure in place, businesses can grow. Let’s review your current Employee Handbook or create one that matches your company culture.

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