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As a small business owner, the most pressing need in business is sales. Once sales start rolling, hiring the right people is the next priority. Hiring an HR Consultant is inevitable, whether as a contractor or employee.

HR guidance is needed prior to hiring your first employee. Federal and State Employment and Labor laws should not be ignored. Depending on the state, there may be considerations to make for one employee. Costly mistakes can derail a small business.

Find a trusted advisor that you can rely on and they can double for a Chief of Staff. This is a resource that is confidential, knowledgeable and has the company’s best interest at heart. The team you hire can make or break your business. HR can be the cornerstone of growth for your business.

Be sure your HR partner can help you answer the following questions,

  • How do we find and keep the best people?
  • Based on expected growth, when should we hire?
  • What can we do to retain top performers?
  • Do we have the right policies in place and are we applying them fairly?
  • Do our internal actions and customer interactions reflect the companyโ€™s vision and values?
  • What company goals should we prioritize and why?

Donโ€™t know how to find the right HR Business Partner? Willis HR was created to support small businesses!ย  Use our contact form or call 803-714-3715.

Protect your business and save time with these documents!

  • Authorization for Release of Medical Information

  • Direct Deposit Revocation

  • Quick Reference Guide to Core Values

  • Career Mapping Plan