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If the hiring manager is strategic in finding talent, then the search starts in December. The odds are in your favor and stars align. If put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, you are meeting them as they are wrapping up the year. Whether the leader is a passive or active on the job search, you will have a better chance of wooing them this time of year.

Top 3 Reasons to Recruit in December:

     1. Your future senior leader knows when their current pay-out is for bonuses and performance incentives.

Imagine working your tail off all year long and leaving your position before the performance bonus is paid. The reality is that most leaders are going to “hold on” until the bonus is announced or paid out. Typically, most organizations will announce or distribute in December or within the first quarter. The recruiting and interviewing process can be 30-90 days depending on the position. Meet your next leader today.

     2. This is the time of year for self-reflection and personal goal-setting.

Everyone takes time at the end of the year to look back on his or her accomplishments. More importantly, they look ahead and create a plan to reach short and long-term goals. Self-assessment leads to professional assessment. The right leaders need to be presented with the right opportunities. Post the position, share it with your team, and ensure the word spreads about this new career in 2019.

     3. It’s a great accomplishment to start the year.

This is a win-win! You just got a head start on fulfilling your strategic plan for the year and the candidate is already checking off new year resolutions. From the company perspective, it’s so helpful to be able to include your new leader in the new year hype. There is an excitement about growth, new initiatives, and record-breaking success. Include them early to gain momentum.

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