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What makes us different?

We understand business, 18 hour days, and living on coffee

Our process is changing the recruiting game.

We put 6 of the most qualified candidates in a live 60 minute interview challenge. We have a 4-step vetting process. We are the most innovative HR professionals you’ll ever meet.

We have a sense of urgency.

We work hard at finding the right person for you as quickly as possible. You can’t afford to go without this role being filled and we get that. We have fun and move fast.

Over 90% of our hirees become long-term employees.

The candidates we help you hire stick around. If not, we offer a stress-free guarantee. We want to take the hiring worry off your plate.

We have total respect for your budget.

We know the standard services and fees for recruiting firms. There is nothing standard about Willis HR. We have developed a fair pricing structure that works for you and our team.

We are awesome people to work with!

We strive to blow your socks off. Our goal is that you never think about using another firm again. In it to win it!

Brand Manifesto

We are a team of HR professionals that have a knack for finding, meeting, and working with PEOPLE. We have a heart for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders that want to make a difference. We understand business, 18 hour days, and living on coffee. We are not in the business of hiring “just a body.” We believe in connecting PEOPLE with fruitful careers. We strive for our clients to have long-term employees.

We fight to make the PEOPLE part of business easier for every client.

We build personal and lasting relationships with our candidates and our clients. Everyone is important in our process.

Each member of the team has a healthy amount of fun and crazy. We are unstoppable. Working hard is natural. Integrity is everything. We show up every day committed to the PEOPLE we serve. We are the HR’s that just don’t quit. We are unlike any other firm of our kind. We will always be different.

Our clients, candidates, and community need us. In our own small way, we are making the world a better place for business owners, employers, and job-seekers.

I've had the distinct privilege to call Jada my professional colleague for nine years. Jada has always given her undivided attention to her clients with the unique and individual guidance they required. What I admire and respect the most from Jada, is her genuine desire to see others succeed, both personally and professionally.

Frank SanchezGroup Market Leader, Apple

I have full confidence in the services Willis HR provides. They are so knowledgeable and great with clients. Jada brings so much experience to the table. I highly recommend them for your human resource and staffing needs.

Lisa HostetlerManaging Partner, LawyerLisa

We wasted valuable time and energy trying to handle the hiring process on our own. It was like driving in the dark with no headlights…it just didn’t work! Willis HR made the process seamless, professional, and enjoyable! Jada was always available to handle any question we had and offered valuable recommendations for situations that could possibly arise, making us proactive instead of reactive. We now use the Willis HR for our HR needs. Jada feels more like family, than an HR Partner. She has been a consistent resource for our team!

Angela LarsonOwner and Chiropractic, Flex Chiropractic

During my first of couple years in business, I was very unsuccessful in finding the right employees to work with me. More recently, the administrative duties started slipping. I just couldn’t handle the workload, run the daily operations of my company, and spend time trying to find solid Office Manager. I almost lost my mind and then I reached out to the Willis HR. I met with Jada and her team, I shared my pressing timeline and budget. Within a week, Jada compiled hundreds of resumes, filtered down to 10, and scheduled the interviews. They even developed an interview guide specifically for my position! I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to come close to putting together the qualified applicants that Jada did within 2 weeks. I think I am most impressed that the team was available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and actually learned more about the recruitment process. Once we selected the best candidate, Willis HR created an on-boarding process and training calendar.

Wright BrennanOwner, Seawright Solutions