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It’s no secret that employees are feeling anxious. It doesn’t matter about your political views, there is increased anxiety for all not knowing what the next moment brings. We try to create memes to laugh off the unprecedented chaos but secretly your team needs you now more than ever.

I don’t care about what your leadership style is, today it needs to be hands-on with care and concern. You may not know what to say or do but your employees are in need of support and stability.

I urge you to take these steps:

  • Record a video or send written reassurance to your team ASAP. Be genuine in your approach, if you don’t know what to say or do, say that. But, remind your team of your commitment to them. That you are there if they need a listening ear or just need to take 15 – minutes to breathe.
  • Remind and reinforce a respectful workplace. Be proactive about reminding your team about company policies regarding respect, harassment-free workplace, and the values that the company represents. Don’t forget to include that discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Consider an extra something this week. Some of our clients are inviting in meditation and yoga instructors (virtually), others are reminding employees of their Employee Assistance Program. Even if it’s an hour of work time to decompress. Do something meaningful for your team.

Lastly, be sure that your team understands what is expected of them and their work schedule for inauguration day. Some employees will request off, others will request to work from home. Be consistent and be prepared.

If you need help navigating the uncertainties, reach out to us today. or [email protected]